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Tasmania's Wild West

Welcome to RoamWild Tasmania, where we offer unique and unforgettable tours of Tasmania's wilderness. Our small-group tours are designed to give you a personalized experience, where each tour is specifically tailored to our clients' interests. Whether you're looking for adventure or relaxation, our knowledgeable guides will take you at a pace that you're comfortable with. We believe in being an eco-conscious company while providing authentic nature experiences resulting in a minimal environmental impact. Join us in exploring the stunning landscapes of Tasmania.

Experiences instil a lasting connection with Tasmania's Western Wilderness. Join RoamWild Tasmania for your own memorable adventure. Piners, Miners, Dam builders and a history making Protest!

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​Forgotten mines and prehistoric Gondwana forests. Pan for Gold and rock chip some samples.

Hydro Tasmania's refurbishment of the scheme combined the operation with a wonderfully interpreted tour.

Our 4x4 adventure tours RoamWild onto mountains of the Western range. A prime example is The Mt Owen Experience!

Drive on the only vehicle access track as deep as is possible into Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) 

Pay respect to those who fought to save this wilderness area from development.

If you are seeking an even more extraordinary Tailored experience, contact us, we will organise and provide everything.


Licenses and permits have been established with Hydro Tasmania  and

Tasmania Parks & Wildlife service to ensure your experiences with us are the absolute safest, the very best and exclusive.

The Paragon Theatre Tasmania
Mt Lyell Anchorage accommodation
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