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Promo West. Tasmania's Western Wilderness.

RoamWild Tasmania : Mountain Heights adventure

It's been an exceptionally busy time since we purchased The Paragon last July readying this grand old 1933 Talkie Theatre for tourism and a return to Movies & Events. Now we have added our own short promo video to the grand old big screen. Showcased is our own Mt Owen 4x4 Adventure, King River Rafting, Water by Nature-franklinriver raftinng, West Coast Wilderness Railway, The ship that never was, Mt Lyell Anchorage, Lake Margaret hydropower, Wildlife Nights and our original experience

Lost Mines-Ancient Pines and more! Scroll on down and click the link.

Link to Paragon Website

We have done various necessary renovations, a new coating for the screen, new audio, interpretations, a mini theatre screen and audio on the mezzanine for daytime tour activity. Coffee, kitchen, food, dining tables, a bar etc etc.....

The Paragon Theatre foyer. Find us on Facebook

Stairways to the mezzanine and Dress Circle

Carbon Arc projectors

We have, and will continue to have, a very big go!

We have now been operating for 8 weeks and really starting to come to grips with it so we thought it time to screen "A Brief History of this Spot" produced by Alex Stevenson and features our own RoamWild Tasmania adventures, Mt Lyell Anchorage accommodation and other businesses that we co-operate with and provide support.


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