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West Coast Wilderness Railway AND, a Lake Margaret Hydropower & Village tour.

Great things to do at Queenstown Tasmania.

Experience highlights from two of our popular adventures.

'Lost Mines-Ancient Pines + Lake Margaret Hydropower'

From 1881 intrepid pioneering 'Piners and Miners' forged their way from Macquarie Harbour into the Western Wilderness exploring river systems rich with Huon Pine and alluvial Gold.

Come along with us for a show and tell wonder of relics from pioneering efforts that led to the discovery and rise of the Mt Lyell Mining & Railway Company.

  • Departs 9am or 1.30pm from Queenstown's Grand talkie era Theatre - The Paragon.

  • Tour through South Queenstown to the earliest settlement of Lynchford and travel further south into the western wilds.

  • View pioneering waterpower relics at 1890's mine sites among the mysterious beauty of Gondwana forest.

Lake Margaret experiences even more days of rain than Queenstown!

The Mt Lyell Mining & Railway company built this 1912–1914 commissioned Hydropower scheme and village  where families lived, worked and thrived.

Now operated and beautifully maintained by Hydro Tasmania since 1995.

  • Travel to the Lake Margaret village, stroll around, get a feel of what life was like here for the generations of residents.

  • Enjoy the audio/visual presentation in the village hall with a cup of your favourite and a snack.

  • View the weir and 60 inch woodstave pipe.

  • Walk into the still proudly roaring 1914 powerhouse to see, hear and feel the horizontal axis high pressure Pelton wheel turbines driving open alternators.

  • Check out the remains of the Mt Lyell mine Smelter works, the original railway works, the residual mining effluent polluting the Queen River and some other points of interest on the return journey to Queenstown.

  • 3.5 Hrs, regular comfort stops, low physical requirement.


**Persons with pacemaker or defibrillation devices cannot enter the powerhouse**

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Mountain Heights

  • Select low range 4x4 for exciting adventures onto Mt Owen for the grandest of views.

  • Pause on the mountain for an unforgettable sunset vista.

Above the Roaring Forties on Mt Owen

NO DAMS:The Blockade!

4x4 adventure into the heart of Tasmania's wilderness...

The Franklin/Gordon Wild Rivers World Heritage Area.

During the early 1980's people with passion defiantly stood in protest to save one of the worlds purest wilderness areas from development. With our licensed access to what is one of the worlds most highly regarded World Heritage Areas you can quickly realise why environmental conservation staunchly opposed development here and formed the Tasmanian Greens political party.

RoamWild Tasmania, Tasmania's Parks & Wildlife Service, the Wilderness Society and many others uphold these values today.


  • 4x4 Adventure deep into the Wild Rivers World Heritage Area.

  • Take time to reflect at a significant site where protesters painted the now famous 'NO DAMS' logo.

  • An exclusive experience. All vehicular. No physical demands.

  • 4Hrs. (Comfort break available mid tour.)

  • Private direct bookings...Phone or Email only.

**This is a very remote 'Leave No Trace' activity in one of the worlds purest environments. RoamWild Tasmania provides all equipment and carries Satellite communications**

Mt McCall-Franklin River
4x4 onto Mountains and into Wilderness

4x4 Mine Seeker​ Underground Mines Adventure

  • Fossick over sites abandoned by alluvial Gold miners among the prehistoric forests.

  • 4x4 into the local mountains to underground Copper/Gold/Silver mines that were developed from the 1890's Copper boom. Some are still worked and fossicked today.

  • 3.5Hrs, includes morning or afternoon tea.

  • Mild mobility requirement. All equipment supplied.

  • You find it....You keep it!

Serious 4x4 to abandoned minesites
Family adventure exploring abandoned mines in Tasmania's wilderness

Passengers & Transport


Charters, Transfers and Shuttles.​

Walks, MTB lifts, Rafting expeditions

  • Strahan-Queenstown to or from anywhere.

  • Airport transfers to and from the Western Wilds.

  • Franklin River via Mt McCall.

  • Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair.

  • Mt Owen MTB shuttle, summit and Berry's Tarn walk.

  • Parks & walk shuttles. Frenchman's Cap & Overland track.

  • Rafting expeditions support.

Always at the ready to provide passenger and equipment transport needs. Get our Mt Owen 4x4 shuttle from town to spend a greater length of time on the summit plateau and access Berry's Tarn.

Call us 0407 049 612, we are ideally positioned to ensure the safest most reliable and prompt service with the best rates.

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