• Anthony Coulson

WCWR & Hydropower

RoamWild and the Paragon are proud to be partnering with the West Coast Wilderness Railway to provide this product combination. This is your chance to take advantage of a great double exclusive opportunity with one ticket purchase. By contacting the West Coast Wilderness Railway, ask for the Steam/Hydro booking and you can experience the Rack and Gorge railway journey then after a lunch break enjoy the Paragon Theatre or why not come along and have some lunch in this beautiful art deco cinema. After the theatre tour take a mini coach tour of Queenstown and then travel to the Lake Margaret Hydropower site with the ghostly feeling abandoned village still standing. There are wooden pipelines still carrying water original 1914 machinery still proudly roaring.

Be delivered back to your vehicle or accommodation in time for dinner. Get the most from your day with this wonderful combination of exclusive tour activities.

WCWR & Lake Margaret Hydropower

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