Lake Margaret Hydropower

Lake Margaret Hydropower

At the turn of last century the Mt Lyell Mining and Railway company was one of the largest and wealthiest mining operations in the country.

Voracious furnaces had consumed the forests for energy and coal could not be found.

  • 2pm Depart The Paragon, travel to the Lake Margaret village

  • Enjoy the presentation in the village hall with a cup of your favourite and a delicious snack

  • View the weir and 60 inch woodstave pipe

  • Enter the still proudly roaring 1914 commissioned powerhouse, see horizontal axis high pressure Pelton wheel turbines driving open alternators

  • Check out residual mine effluent polluting the Queen River and other points of interest on the return journey to Queenstown

  • 3Hrs, Amenities onsite, Low physical requirement

  • Adults $85, Child (17 years & under) $55

**Persons with pacemaker or defibrillation devices cannot enter the powerhouse**

Now dormant Lake Margaret Village
Inside the Lake Margaret powerhouse.
Lake Margaret wood stave pipe and weir